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Principal's Message

Welcome to Three Springs High School!

TSHS is a choice high school in the Cheney School District. Students, teachers, and families CHOOSE to be a part of our school community. By choosing TSHS, we commit to honoring the strengths of each student while also committing to growing together.

When our students choose TSHS, they are empowered to explore alternative learning options and an environment where they find belonging. We are committed to building strong relationships with all students through mentoring, small classes, and mutual respect. Students' voice in decisions related to learning and belonging at TSHS is valued. Our goal is that when you leave TSHS that you will leave with the critical skills necessary to achieve your post-high school dreams.

Our staff has chosen TSHS because they are committed to ensuring that every student at TSHS has an option that best meets their needs. They are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, unique, project-based, community-minded, and collaborative school. Our teachers meet students where they are, respect the unique experiences of every student, and believe that ALL students will achieve their goals.

Families choose TSHS because they want their children to be known and cared for when at school. Our relationships with students and families create a solid collaborative environment where students succeed. Families appreciate the hands-on, unique, and deeper learning options for students at TSHS.  

TSHS is special. There is no school quite like ours. If you are interested in learning more, please join us at an open house, request more information, or fill out an enrollment application.

We look forward to welcoming you to TSHS.


Catheleen Scott, Principal