Three Springs High School

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Shared Vision & Core Value Statements

Core Values and Shared Vision Statements

~Core Values~
  • We identify clear grade-level expectations for student achievement and help each student meet those expectations; our Individual Learning Plans will be based on current achievement data that we review monthly.
  • We provide a high-quality education by maximizing the use of resources in order to develop a stronger relevance between what students learn, their everyday lives, and their chosen career pathways.
  • We work collaboratively in developing instructional strategies and methods of assessment in order to provide exceptional learning opportunities for our students while, at the same time, advancing the vision of the school.
  • We encourage student participation in school and community-related activities recognizing that student involvement in these activities promotes healthy lifestyles.
  • We provide a safe and orderly learning environment that cultivates acceptance of individual differences.
~Shared Vision~

The standard at Three Springs High School is for all students to meet state and district grade level expectations.  We are responsible for creating programs and providing meaningful instruction that fosters student achievement.  We will encourage parents to be our partners as we address each student’s intellectual, creative, social, and physical development.  We are committed to providing a safe environment that promotes learning, acceptance and respect for others.

Three Springs Norms...
  • Keep the students at the center of all decisions.
  • Speak and listen respectfully, seeking to understand.
  • Assume positive intent on the part of others and act with positive intent.
  • Honor professional commitment.
  • Try to see the whole picture.