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Cheney Virtual Learning (CVL)

Is online learning right for you?


If you can surf the Internet you can do this!  You will be required to interact with documents, videos, and presentations so you will need to know how to save things to your computer.  The only prerequisite is a desire to learn.  We can help you with the technical stuff.  If a class does have a specific technology requirement it will be listed in the Pre-Requisites for the course in the course catalog.  We pride ourselves on helping you to be successful we are here to help you.


At the same time, online learning is not for everyone.  One of the misconceptions that students have is that online learning is an easier route.  Online learning is a more flexible route but it is not necessarily easier.  You will be required to maintain weekly contact with your instructor.  You will also be required to make weekly progress in ALL of your courses.  If you fail to make progress you will be dropped from the course.


Time management is essential!  You must also be able to allocate enough time to complete your coursework.  This is a challenge for a lot of students.  Student s think that since they do not have to show up for a class that they can put their work off.  This often leads to students falling behind in the courses.


You must be honest with yourself.  If you are not self-motivated, then online learning is not the place for you.  Students are responsible for their own learning.  If you are not disciplined enough to do your homework on your own then online learning is not for you.  If you fall behind in your classes and will have to make them up at a later time.


Look at the statements below and answer them honestly.  If you answer no to any of them, you might reconsider if online learning will work for you.


Technical Competencies and Access

  • Taking into consideration my personal, academic, work and extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, etc), will I be able to devote as much or more time to my online class, as I do for my traditional studies?
  • Do I own or have access to a computer with Internet access and email?
  • Am I comfortable using the Internet as a means of communication and research?
  • Do I understand how to use word processing programs and understand the basics of computer applications such as copy, paste and how to save files from the internet?


Learning Styles

  • I am not afraid to seek out help from teachers.
  • I am able to prioritize tasks, organize assignments and complete assigned work within a deadline.
  • I prefer to work alone on assignments.
  • I learn best when I read the directions, rather than an instructor lecturing and giving verbal explanations.
  • I consider class discussions with my classmates as optional or not important to me.