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Building one-to-one relationships through mentoring is a key component of the learning experience at TSHS. At TSHS, all students are paired with a mentor teacher who acts as their advocate both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Mentor Relationship 
Mentoring has the power to impact the course of students’ academic and personal life trajectories. Through mentoring teachers have the opportunity to reach all students and develop a deep connection. the emphasis on relationships has validated our long-held belief that authentic connections between teachers and students leads to stronger learning.

Student Experience
What does mentor time look like for our students?
The mentor meets with your student one-on-one to regularly support them in making progress toward their own personal goals.

Mentors play several roles. They stay up-to-date with a student’s progress across all classes and will support your student through personal and academic challenges. Mentors also help students set both long-term and short-term goals and coach them through their progress.

Family Partnership
Your child’s mentor becomes a liaison between the school community and your family. Mentors hope to partner with you regarding your student. We value your insight regarding your students’ strengths, interests, and goals. Reach out to your child’s mentor regularly to find out how you can best support them.