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What is the ASB, and what does the ASB do?
The Three Springs High School ASB, or associated student body, is an organization made up of students elected by students to act as a governing and representative body of the students of TSHS in school matters. As stated in Article II of the TSHS ASB Constitution, the principle purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • Unify all student organizations under one general contract.
  • Increase student involvement in school management.
  • Develop in all students a growing understanding and appreciation of membership in a democratic system.
  • Promote mutual respect and communication.
  • Promote, in all ways, the best interests of the school.
  • Encourage student involvement and enthusiasm in all school activities.
  • Discuss and settle disputes which arise between organizations and activities.
  • Establish traditions, responsibilities, & school spirit that promote a positive atmosphere.

The ASB plans and executes student events and fundraisers, coordinates activities and events with school faculty and staff, grants charter to school clubs and organizations, and in any other way represents and advocates the interests of the student body of Three Springs High School. The ASB does this by holding meetings throughout the school year to discuss and vote on courses of action they can take in order to accomplish their goals.

The TSHS ASB was established November 13th, 2019, when the Cheney School Board ratified the ASB Constitution for Three Springs High School. Since then, the ASB has planned and implemented themes and activities for school Spirit Weeks, ran fundraisers such as selling candy grams during the holidays, and granted charter to new clubs formed within the school. The officers of the ASB take it upon themselves to accomplish the tasks assigned to them, using their own time both in and outside of school to work on various matters of the ASB.

TSHS ASB Officers